Kaeskoppenstad will gladly take you on an unforgettable journey into history, but due to COVID-19 we have to move our event to June 2021. 



This spectacular Kaeskoppenstad event will take place in Alkmaar again. For a weekend imagine yourself in d’Oude Stad in sixteenth-century Alkmaar.

Against the historic backdrop of Alkmaar’s Old Town, hundreds of actors show how Alkmaar was 445 years ago.



Tickets online or during the event:

Entrance: €4,00 
Children till 5 years: free


How to get there

Coming by car?
Alkmaar is a city that is easily reached by car. If you are coming from Haarlem or Amsterdam you can take the A9 to get to Alkmaar. If you are coming from Den Helder you can use the N9. Are you coming from Leeuwarden? Than you will need to continue driving on the A7, following Middenmeer. Take the turn to Alkmaar and then continue towards the centre of Alkmaar.

In the city centre of Alkmaar there are several locations where you can park your car in an underground car park. Follow the P-sign.

Coming by train?
This is very easy! Take the train to Alkmaar central station. From here you can follow the signs that say ‘Centrum'/’Waagplein’ or ‘Kaasmarkt’. It will be more or less a 10 minute walk to the entrance of Kaeskoppenstad which is located in the historic old city centre of Alkmaar.

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